Soul Truth Card Deck
This card deck was designed to support you as you deepen your relationship to self on a daily basis. Each day, let your intuition guide you, and choose one or more cards from the deck. After you read the card, take some time to meditate on the question or journal your answer.
Self-awareness is a beautiful thing. Your soul knows what you want and has the map to get there. If you ask your soul the right questions, listen openly, and take soul-driven action, you will transform your life forever. Soul Truth taps into your inner wisdom and gives you spiritual guidance to unleash your potential and courageously live your soul’s sacred purpose.
Soul Truth Card Deck Includes:
• 55 Soul piercing questions
• Daily inspiration
• Daily action steps
Soul Truth Journal
This journal was designed to support you as you deepen your relationship to Self on a daily basis. The Soul Truth Journal contains 55 soul-piercing questions that will help you access and connect with your inner truth. It can be paired with the Soul Truth Daily Awareness Card Deck or used on its own.
Write to feel. Write to heal. Write to witness your soul’s beauty and give your soul a voice.
Soul Truth Journal Includes:
• 55 Soul piercing questions
• Inspirational quotes
• Lined journal pages
• 132 pages
Spa Guidebook
for dōTERRA Professionals
The Professional Spa Guidebook is a beautifully designed manual made to support professionals in the effective uses of dōTERRA Essential Oils. 
The Spa Manual Includes:
• Description of doTERRA Essential Oils
• Specific uses
• Cost breakdowns
• Multiple protocols for 15+ modalities
• Essential spa tips for the treatment room and retail