Rose quartz crystal card holder


Rose quartz crystal card holder: Rose Quartz Crystal Card Holder, Rose Quartz raw cut stone: center slot opening for business card holder, Tarot card holder, Affirmation card deck holder, family Photos, place settings, & mirror


These natural Rose Quartz stones feature a center-slot opening, perfect for business cards, tarot or affirmation cards, family photos, place settings, and more. Insert a thin mirror into the slot to create a stunning vanity mirror stand. or use it to display your cards beautifully. 


Rose Quartz Healing Properties 

  • Enhances love for self and others 
  • Heals negative emotions 
  • Works with heart chakra ❤ 


Measurements vary approx. 2″ – 3″ L x 2″ H 

**Crystals may vary slightly by size and color

Product Weight

1 lbs

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Can be use to display Soul Truth cards, oracles cards, photos, business cards, mirrors, shelf talkers and more.

Display your Soul Truth Card or other oracle cards with a raw cut crystal card holder. Amplify your intention as long as you need until clarity surfaces. Choose in Amethyst, Green Quartz, Rose Quartz and Crystal Quartz.

Quartz Healing Properties
• Lifts mood
• Increases power of concentration
• Boosts ability to stay calm and stress-free
• Helps spiritual healing
• Works with crown chakra and higher chakra

Measurements vary approx. 3″ – 2.5″ L x 2″ H
**Crystals may vary slightly by size and color
Product Weight
1 lbs

Additional Information
Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 1 in

1 Journal, 15 Journals, 20 Journals, 25 Journals

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