Self-awareness is a beautiful thing. Your soul knows what you want and has the map to get there. If you ask your soul the right questions, listen openly, and take soul-driven action, you can and will transform your life forever. Soul Truth taps into your inner wisdom and gives you pure spiritual guidance to unleash your potential and courageously live your soul’s sacred purpose.
When we deepen our roots, we strengthen our courage. We discover our truth and our truth sets us free.
When we give ourselves permission to dream we choose courage over comfort, we spread our wings and no longer fear uncertainty. We know we are guided and the higher we soar the more impact we can make.
We know we are safe in the light because the light is healing.
You might feel rooted, grounded, and steady in your truth. But the mere thought of taking the big leap, spreading your wings and getting “out there” makes you want to crawl under the covers and stay in hiding.
Alignment comes when we are both rooted in, and rising high.
We created this class because we are on our own journey of rooting in and rising high. Through personal experience, we have developed skills to know exactly what we need and which tool to use when we need it.
We have found it is in the slightest shifts of awareness where the biggest, most lasting change in our lives happen.

Brianne Hovey

Wifey, mama, speaker, author, photographer and Presidential Diamond leader with doTERRA.


I started my own journey as a massage therapist in 2001. The portal to healing swung wide open, and without hesitation, I walked through it. In the following years, I became an Esthetician, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Essential Oil Master Teacher. I built a team of 350,000 wellness warriors across 50 different countries and became one of the top leaders in doTERRA Essential Oils.


Recently, I created “The Essential Oil Masterclass”, a 7-week course to becoming an essential oil expert. My Daily Awareness Card Deck “Soul Truth” was launched January of 2019 which helps you tap into your inner wisdom. My first book, “Come out of Hiding,” is scheduled to be released later this year. My love for creativity, art, and helping others see their beauty has brought me back to one of my biggest passions, branding with soul photography. I travel the world holding workshops and retreats as I guide others to unleash their potential and shine their sacred light on the world.


I have a passion for all things movement through dance, boxing, yoga and movement through soul work. I’ve had many teachers and I value love, growth, and contribution above all else. I love my role as wife and mama, it is my biggest honor in life. I’ve built everything around my family as my core purpose.

DeNae D’Auria

Seeker of truth and understanding, knowledge-synthesizer, mind-body-soul alignment and communication specialist, teacher, coach, speaker, facilitator, author-to-be, queen empowering fellow queens and kings, & auntie.


Educationally, I have a background in exercise science and wellness/pre-med (Arizona State University), health psychology and naturopathic studies (Bastyr University), and structural integration “Rolfing” (Guild for Structural Integration). I am a Certified Mediator and Non-Violent Communication Specialist, and a Family Systems Constellation Practitioner (aka “Hellinger Work”). I have had the privilege of studying directly with Marshall Rosenberg Ph.D, Dr. Brene Brown, Dr. Andrew Weil, Char Tosi, and the teachers Dr. Ida Rolf trained. I have also worked as an executive in the corporate business world and have taught and consulted business and workplace conflict resolution.


Everything I have studied has been from a desire to understand myself better. I value truth and integrity and work daily to practice what I preach and teach.


One of my favorite things is being an auntie and I also have a little sister thru Big Brothers Big Sisters who I adore. Family and tribe mean everything to me. Exploring and learning new things is my passion, and I have traveled and volunteered all over the world. When I am not traveling for work or play, I live in Los Angeles. Getting outdoors into nature and being physically active keeps me healthy and grounded.


Staying aligned in my Self, and helping others to do the same, is my thang.

You are ready to remove the obstacles you are facing to breakthrough to the personally designed life your heart is calling you toward.
You want to see the real you, understand your roots to get to your wings; you want to watch yourself in action, having the courage to do the things that scare you the most.
You are currently afraid to move forward or you are feeling stuck and don’t know how or what to do next.
You are playing it too safe and you know it’s time to surrender and boldly step into your greater purpose.
It’s hard for you to find your feet and be grounded.
You are moving so fast that you are exhausted, lonely, and burnt out.
Where in your life are you ready to feel safer?
Where are you ready to expand?
has been developed to help you simultaneously feel safe in your own feet while you expand to fly.
Take this 3-hour Intro Class and start to gain insights about what is keeping you from unleashing your potential. It is time for new tools and new inspiration.
• Deep, soulful self-awareness
• Operating from love instead of fear
• Which archetypes you are playing out in your life, and which ones are key to your transformation.
• How to communicate your truth
• Embarking on the hero’s journey
Get instant access to the Roots to Wings Intro Class Online for only $49. Receive lifetime access to get your feet grounded and creativity soaring!