August 10th – 31st, 2018

Simply join the FaceBook or Instagram page and each day you will be given a challenge to dream bigger. When you complete the challenge and comment on the post,  you will be entered to win a free (amazing) gift. But the real value of accepting the daily challenge is that you will stretch your dreaming muscles, find a new vision of what’s possible in your life, and receive powerful support that will help you get closer to your goals!


We can’t wait to start this journey with you and see what amazing breakthroughs we can experience together in just 3 weeks!

Are you ready to dream with our eyes wide open? Are you brave enough to ask the question ‘what else is possible for me?’ Are you willing to no longer settle, and lift the lid on your own dreams?

We are Brianne and Nate Hovey and we are your dream coaches. We have quite literally created a life from our dream board. Today we are living dreams we didn’t think possible even 1 year ago. We’ve failed, fallen, doubted and wanted to give up all along our journey. We have also taken bold action when we didn’t want to, when we didn’t know the “how”, and when everyone was telling us it wasn’t going to work.


In 10 years of being entrepreneurs, we have developed a method to create a life we crave.


Limitations we all feel and experience in our lives are only put there by us. Liberation comes when we shed all the fears and limitations and start thinking as if anything were possible.


Our dreams lie within us for a reason friends. We don’t have the dreams, the dreams have us.


We are the writers of our own story you guys– God wants what our soul wants. Many people don’t realize we are holding the pen in our own hand– with a blank canvas in front of us. The past is over, so what do you want your next chapter to be? What will you write? What dreams keep you awake at night? What dreams that lie within you are ready to be realized now?


We created the 21-day Dream challenge because we are addicted to seeing others dreams come true.


The more people that join us, the more fun we will have. What we love so much about dreaming is, when we give ourselves permission to dream bigger we inspire all those around us to do the same. Can you imagine the impact we can all make together on this world in just 21 days!?


We invite you to be part of our dream team.


It’s time to unleash your dreams! Here’s to your limitlessness and allowing your imagination to take you places you never thought possible.