Hi, I am wifey, mama, entrepreneur, speaker, author, and photographer.


I started my own journey as a massage therapist in 2001. The portal to healing swung wide open, and without hesitation, I walked through it. In the following years, I became an Esthetician, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Essential Oil Master Teacher. I built a team of 400,000 wellness warriors across 50 different countries and became one of the top leaders in doTERRA Essential Oils.


I created “The Essential Oil Masterclass”, a 7-week course to becoming an essential oil expert, along with many other successful programs.


I expanded my business beyond network marketing, creating online programs and offering one on one coaching for women entrepreneurs in all different fields.


My Daily Awareness Card Deck and Journal “Soul Truth” was launched in January of 2019 which helps you tap into your inner wisdom. I’m currently writing my first book, “Come out of Hiding”. My love for creativity, art, and helping others see their beauty has brought me back to one of my biggest passions, branding with soul photography.


I travel the world holding workshops and retreats as I guide women to unleash their potential and shine their sacred light on the world.


Currently, I help raise money for foundations I believe in and will start my own in the next few years.


I have a passion for all things movement, through dance, boxing, yoga, and soul work. I’ve had many teachers and I value love, growth, and contribution above all else. I love my role as wife and mama, it is my biggest honor in life, I’ve built everything around my family as my core purpose.